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March 2007

Stay tuned...

January 2007

Injured? Going for the Ball KwikGoal Gooooooooooal! Tripped Up Rust Sunset over Austin F-1 Airport Mural Ares Scaled Shelves Belly Neon DC-3 Beams Taxiway Sunset Cross the Sun Mosaic Morning Clouds Fall Tree Shadow Boats Taxiway Fallen Giant Sunset over North Carolina

December 2006

Crowned Angel Flute Cardinal Mom and Tree My 1st NASA Christmas Battle of the Branches Many Santas Ugly Fish Breaking the Gray Look Up 747 Shuttle Carrier Fog II Fog Lex Caffeine Doggy Tail Bennet Tank Brushed Metal Watching the Dolphins Flowing Harbor Bridge

November 2006

Happy Dolphin Jellyfish II Jellyfish Tower Canopy Theater Parasols Mead Turrets Textured Flag Elated Spotlight Zamboni Track Not A Thumbs Up Lights Following the Ferry On Final Approach USAF Thunderbirds Stealth Thunderbird Passes

October 2006

Bombing Smoke Ring Afterburner Tail Warthog Air Power of the 20th Century Rotors Fall Sunset Nice Day for Mushball Kernals Mirror Bean III Down By the Tracks Mirror Bean II Deluge King of Beers Light at the End of the Tunnel Close Encounter BP Bridge Dying Corn Wall of Water Mirror Bean Criss Cross Human Hampster Ball Crowds Course Markers

September 2006

Austin City Limits Swim Marker Sunset on the Season II Sunset on the Season Rock Wristband Three's a Crowd Self-Portrait Go Fly a Kite Heat Splashing Gnarly Dropping In Bright Reflected Sunset Divide Diptych Waterfall into Blue Lake Prepped and Ready Darkened Park Bobbing Heads Rainbow Below the Basket Dwarfed Strawberry Inflating Indian Peaks Three Baskets

August 2006

All Glow Alberta Falls Lone Glow Invisible Heat Billowing Storms Over the Front Range Fishermen Roof Peaks Sunset in the Notch Elk Aspens Dribble II Ronaldinho II Dribble Textured Ronaldinho Illuminated Cloud Apollo Trainer Torn Perched Wilting in the Heat Morning Galveston Bay Criss Cross Applesauce Clear Lake Running from the Rain Searching for the Pot of Gold

July 2006

Dumpster Palm Droplets Brick by Brick Like a Boat Without Water Don Quixote Ominous The Cow Jumped Over the Moon Fortunes Mission Control Fish Another Sky Shot Otherworldly Reflection The King Shiny Tokens John Hancock Soles Eaves Catcher Bubbles Eel Fence and Power Lines Sunset Wing Patriotic Marbles Anvil The Light Inside Deck Hanging Surfboard Hanging Surfboard

June 2006

Voldemort Reflection Dated Knowledge Strong Bad Beams and Clouds Friday Night in Kemah Rocket Re-Launch Texas Meets the Gulf Fuzzy Fans C9 St. Sambomeister Friday Evening Sunset Friday Morning Sunrise Scratchy Dark Tree Ankle Level Roots Dead and Alive Brick and Mortar Anna Ruby Falls III Amarillo Amber Waves Telescope Dome Communications City of Smog City of Angels Dodger Stadium II Dodger Stadium Cali

May 2006

Bird of Prey Bayou City Helen Smith Creek Anna Ruby Falls II Anna Ruby Falls Golf Course Soft Through the Woods Dunk Him Telescope Dome Beneath Stormy Skies Wandy Brushing Back Barry Copters F16 C9 Tail Fade to Blue Weightless Over the Top Anticipation Yellow The George Countryside Flyaway NBL II NBL Fire Fire Fire Kemah Braeswood Bayou Quiet Start Line Chase the Cop Cruisin'

April 2006

Towering Hills Below Somewhere in Middle America Silhouette Lamppost By the Dock of the Bay Goddess Sunset Over the Vineyard Truck Ew! Sunset Over Minute Maid JRea Star Light, Star Bright Flying Saucer Bar Shifty Eyes Yuri's Night The Big Easy Lily Andrew and Sari Off They Go Killer B Bright Lights MMP Bags F-16 Flyover Dynamo View from Comstock View from Alpine Meadows Snowy Woods

March 2006

Lake Tahoe By Night Lake Tahoe Blizzard Perito Moreno in Full View Jagged 28 Years Old Perito Moreno Cloudy Cuernos Sunset over Las Torres Glaciar Gray Stuff Cascadia Paine Perito Moreno Torres Del Paine Ice, Ice Baby Beneath the Blue Top of Fitz Roy Outside El Chalten Glaciar Viedma Argentinian Meadow Cuernos del Paine Lago de los Tres Cathedral Cerro Poincenot Crooner Tango Alive Casa Rosada Penguins Fitz Roy

February 2006

Urubamba Machu Picchu from Above Machu Picchu The Last Time I Saw The Andes V The Last Time I Saw The Andes IV The Last Time I Saw The Andes III The Last Time I Saw The Andes II The Last Time I Saw The Andes Hill Country Canyon Puffy Calm in the City Contrast For $5 Off Main Street Shine We Love Our Astros MFAH Houston Gothic Lizard Wooden Man Second Base New Toy

January 2006

Storm Brewing No Left Turn Solar System Looking Down Runner Minute Maid Scraping Sky Light and Dark Desks Abandoned Rebound Basketball Self-Portrait Spectator Finish Line Refreshments Lit Streetlight Puffy Twilight Confirmed Backyard Donald Daniel Living Room Squinty Going for the Ball High Kick Saved Skating Omen Stragglers Meters

December 2005

Shadows on the Wall Christmas Ornaments Berry Wreath Car Gas Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas North Carolina Sunset Water Car Queen City Water Tower Warmth Christmas Tank Penn State Grinch Smilin' Santa Dueling Elvises Spray Die Alone Call to Action Surfin' Santa Babe Orange Morning Silhouette Bright Flying Leap Weird Enough Debbie Boys of Summer Twilight Gull II Gull

November 2005

Cheerleader Neural Net Mountain Top It's a Bird, It's a Plane... Old Glory Gator! Glass, Concrete, and Stone H-Town Gorillas in the Midst Framed in Blue Puffballs II Puffballs Ice Spire The Pilot Houston, Texas Beautiful Day Spacesuit Circle of Flags Satellites Supersonic What Can Brown Do For You? 747 Celebration Happy Winner National Enola Gay Self Portrait Monument Blackbird

October 2005

Broken Bat Mike Smiles Ball Viz Gets Turned Ozzie's Prize Press Box View Tackle Hand Off Number 27 with the Carry Crop Circles Standing O Better Late Than Never Lights Out Belly Up Mojave Mini Hurricane Martian! Mars on Earth Juice Box Snowbirds After the Celebration 18 Innings Later Pre-Game Sunrise Super Bed Pasadena Patriotic Runner Ice Bath Hoping for a Strikeout Flare Guide

September 2005

Swimmers Take Your Mark Landmark Street Poetry Hack Pacific Sunset Hurricane Rita Sunbeams Ocean Sky Footprints Water Clock Palace of Fine Arts Cougar Warning Ridgeline Out to Sea Grand Lake Gasworks II Longs Peak Peek Gasworks I Out With the Crowd Gary Rainier from Above Cloudy Rainier Mountain Peek-a-boo Golden Gate Surf's Up Pull Hook Down Once Power Sentinel Point and El Capitan Half Dome Balloon Glow

August 2005

Happy Teeth in Flight Up, Up and Away Inflation Balloon Field Four Mile Trail Going Fishing El Capitan by Moonlight Half Dome By Moonlight Yosemite Valley By Moonlight Bark Bark Cable Car Cali-forn-eye-ay Burgher Bay Bridge I Left My Heart... Red Light Graduation Fountain Hopping Hoover Tower Small Fan Swing Batter Welcome Home Discovery Chloe Tall Man Inversion IV Inverted Inversion Secret Inversion III Inversion II Inversion Life is an Open Road

July 2005

Me and Adam Everett Ballerina Splish Splash Skyscrapers II Skyscrapers Bales Central Texas e-In-One Spectators Exhaust Sailor's Delight Juicy Gumball Puddle Reflection Afro Jo Drumline Rounding the Mark Pair of Sunfish Dog Boa Enthusiastic Spectator Thirsty Road Racer Shower Lens Reflection Train Destined to Run Hook Em Horns Skyline Blue Skies Storm Clouds Here is the Steeple...

June 2005

Here is the Church... All Grown Up First Dance Veil Katie and Joel Bride to Be Lake Wylie Annoying Brother Night and Day Here's the Pitch and... Adam! Peaceful Run Preparing to Race Fans Cathalina Jourdan II Jourdan Sis Boom Bah Morgan's Turn to be the Hero Argonath Sharon III Permanently Flying Cleared for Landing Curly Slide Long Neck Putt-Putt Flower on Concrete Sunset Park Patrol Fading Away

May 2005

Distraction Determination Peek-a-boo Leo Sharon II Sharon Gulls Dunes Skier A/C Sprite Branches Sliding Board Swing The Graduate, Part II Wait For It Light Fixture Gulf Coast Sunrise Shaft II Shaft The ATL The Graduate Ebb and Flow Riverside Pedernales Falls Texas Creek Scrambling Flat Creek Crossing Wings Spread Chihuahua Paddle Paddle Paddle

April 2005

Triathlon: Run Triathlon: Bike Triathlon: Swim Flutterby Can You Hear Me Now? Under the Sea RAWR! Fishies Me Times Three 136 Miles Down Two Wheelers Rainbow On The Road Again Less Than Serious Juan Manuel F-1 J-2 First Pitch Mountains Majesty Fishy Pigeon Creepy Crawlies Crabs Jen Tiptoe Through the Tulips Space Needle Farewell Vancouver Cycling YVR Buzz

March 2005

Emerald City Turbulence Ahead Wall Lothlorien Ready, Set, Go 22 Years Ago Wave Smooches friskyTint Oink Gobble gobble Roof Sails Totem Sea to Sky Stone Faced Whistler/Blackcomb Amaryllis III Debbie Prohibidas Gargoyle Popcorn Sky Orchids Eerie Glow Rocket Rest Almost Home Birthday Diptych Parking Lot Antennas The Road Home Mercury-Redstone II Mercury Redstone I Cordillera Urubamba

February 2005

Fetch Sterling Castle Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh St. Andrews Cathedral Rented Bikes Scottish Sunrise Look Out Below Amber Waves Mystery Sign Aqueduct Gas Flags Doorknob Reflection Martini Support Magnetic Ribbons Old Fire Engine Fire Trucks Hobby Center Mural Taillight Chinese Lantern II Sarahbaby Lotus Jaguar Sergeant Al Wet Steps Delivery State of the Union Sky on Fire Work and Play

January 2005

Oh I Wish Youth Old Glory In Minds III In Minds II In Minds Heaven on Earth From the 26th Floor Parking Deck No Smoking Smoke III Amaryllis II Amaryllis Smoke II Smoke Prelude to a Marathon Dead Woman's Pass 5 Feet Flyaway The Trench Muddy Water Stagnant Birds on a Wire Wright Flyer over CLT Delayed Airport Rocker Holiday Panther II Holiday Panther Football Lights Rah-rah Carolina-lina! Tire Heads

December 2004

A Terminal Sculpture, IAH A Terminal, IAH Future Geocacher Brian & Katie Billy Graham Parkway Phone Booth II Phone Booth I Wiring Presents Tracking Trajectory Liberty Bell 7 Clean Your Plate Tough Guy Rainbow III Rainbow II Boat Parade IV Matt Boat Parade III Boat Parade II Boat Parade I Standing Stones Rainbow I Preening Winter Moon Toward Baytown Reflection of Me Chlorine Foucault Pendulum Almost Full Hook 'Em Cherry Picker

November 2004

Bandit Muffin Harvest Moon Salcantay Holiday Sangria Thanksgiving Eve Sunset Angel Skyscrapers Sunset Fly on the Wall Sacsayhuaman II Sacsayhuaman Wet Berries Windy City Like a Deere B-I-N-G-O Chinese Lantern Softballs The 'Beals Games Never Played Heavy Lifting November Sunset Tower of Power Skyward Cristo Blanco South Shore Marina Gately Paper Co Hotel Galvez Self Portrait Plus Two Guardian in Galveston

October 2004

Mini Batman Harness Eclipse II Eclipse I Waiting for Eclipse Little Joe Dyno US Women's Soccer vs Ireland IV US Women's Soccer vs Ireland US Women's Soccer vs Ireland II US Women's Soccer vs Ireland I Warm-up III Warm-up II Warmups I Reference Baby-Backe Ribs Cupola Rocket Man Bird on the Bayou Skylight Twenty-Five Years Play Ball

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