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24 Mar 2005 Smooches

I tried my hand at race photography for the first time last Saturday at the Tsunami Relief 5K here in Houston. A local race photographer allowed me to come shoot as a "try-out" of sorts. The good news is that she was pleased with my stuff and will use me again in the future! Never hurts to make a few extra bucks here and there, and I've been wanting to combine two of my hobbies -- running and photography -- for a while now.

The ironic thing is that this shot is not of a runner, and yet it was my favorite of the 400+ I took. This mother and her daughter were playing around in the parking lot at the post-race party and I just couldn't resist sneaking a shot of them. Obviously I wish I hadn't cut off her elbow, but such is the nature of a post-race party where you have to shoot almost before you think.

And on a totally different topic, I bought a new flash card yesterday. My question is: why are the packages so damn hard to open?? It was packaged in that hard plastic that's basically been glued together such that the only way to get to what's inside is to stab the plastic repeatedly, or cut it with scissors while trying not to slice your skin on the very sharp edges. Argh!

(Submitted for 3/25/05 Photo Friday, Tiny.)

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